Efficient Ways to Conduct Your Essay Research

Before reaching the researching part a student is usually done with understanding the essay prompt and a bit of brainstorming for ideas. The student will, by the end of this process, dissect the essay prompt, understanding it fully, while also coming up with the gaps in the knowledge regarding the subjects. The process will also reveal the salient points important for the research.  Before moving on to the essay writing service process, you will have to take care of one important task: Researching and gathering relevant information. Research is an important part of the essay. It provides you with the information and evidence to work with, without which the essay will always come out mediocre. 




Narrowing down your readings

The research out there is plenty and you can get lost in it without the proper guidance. You have to spend your time efficiently and not end up reading the wrong text. 

A good way to do this is to start by reading into the subject from a specialized encyclopedia for the subject category of the exemplification essay topic. The semi comprehensive text will benefit you with the overall picture and give you resources to read further into the topic.  

For journal articles, try to find them on online databases or use specialized search engines such as Google Scholar. The article should be read without checking for its relevance in the abstract or the summary.

You should also check for the publication date, and judge if it’s still relevant. Make it a habit of reading the book overview and also checking for the content page to see if it has the information you need. 

You can also try and ask your instructor for the relevant reading list if it has not been provided. 

Targeted reading

After narrowing down the text you should get down to reading the text. The note-taking will run in parallel to this step.

When reading a text you should have your subject and/or subtopics in your mind.  A good essay writer must know all these tips to conduct better essay research.

However, you should not read the text in detail from the start. You should get yourself familiar with the content and structure of the writing before delving into the text. The index of the book and the text finder tools are very helpful in narrowing down the pages to read.

While reading you should follow these two reading techniques before a detailed study:

  • Scanning: 

This reading technique is used to search for relevant information in the text. You will use this technique to scan the introduction of the passage, the first and last paragraphs, the summary or concluding statement, the index, the heading, and the subheadings.

This will also allow you to have an overview of what the text is about and whether it’s worth reading.

  • Skimming:

This reading technique requires you to speed read through the narrative essay text, trying to find the central meaning of the text. Here you will not go into the details, most of the attention will be on the starting and the ending lines of paragraphs and sections. You will read with the intention of getting information about the author’s tone, the main idea, central point, etc.


When you do the detailed reading you take notes. The notes will not be detailed but will be made up of keywords, text-highlights, questions, passage summaries, and mind maps. 

You will never read the whole text in detail, only the parts that are relevant. And try to make notes on a separate notebook or on note-taking tools on your PC, laptop, or any other device. Try to employ a technique that will help you engage with the text at hand. 

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